exploring creativity

Deep end of the pool

A koan is an example of a paradox that transcends logic while silencing the intellect. “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” is an example of a Zen koan.  This allows illumination to dawn by tricking the mind into silence.

This is the moment where creativity lives.

Take a dive

These books are a collection of surreal and dreamy imagery. They are paired with starkly honest commentary on the waters in which we all swim. This exploration of the poetic universe is a journey within a journey and a dream within a dream. Dive into the emerging, morphing universe to discover a fresh view of ordinary reality.


Because of the unexpected combination of elements in these collages, they have been called visual koans. Finding the startling and entangled relationships between random elements requires a stretch of the imagination and rewards with a thrill when a connection is made. 


The writings that illuminate each collage are humorous and personal insights on stuff like the creative process, becoming radiant and why woodpeckers are so annoying. These colorful, playful collages are in postcard format to illustrate the silly, profound and mystical experiences of life. 

This collection contains 35 lush, thought-provoking, original digital collages in postcard format. 

WARNING: Contains the following:

Strange landscapes, signs found on public toilets, stuff about becoming radiant, woodpeckers can be so annoying! What is the unified field anyway?

This collection contains 35 MORE lush, though-provoking, original digital collages in postcard format.

WARNING: Contains the following:

Tuckle your Timmy! Essential Cantonese, stuff about waking up, what kind of bean are you? Bad poetry and lifelines.

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